Secrets of Hollywood stars' youth and athletes' performance
IV Therapy
Vitaminov therapy delivers a custom blend of nutrients directly into your bloodstream for an instant boost of health and wellness. Research shows that vitamins and fluids given intravenously are significantly more powerful and effective, with 100% bioavailability compared to a 20-30% absorption rate through oral consumption.
  • Quickly relieves chronic fatigue and stress, normalizes sleep;
  • It has a rejuvenating effect and gives a "glow" to the skin;
  • The most pleasant and fastest way to recover after long parties.
Are you familiar with these symptoms?
  • Fatigue?

    Lack of strength in the morning, fatigue, drowsiness.
  • Insomnia?

    Violation of circadian rhythms of sleep and wakefulness. Reduction of melatonin synthesis.
  • Muscle pain

    You recover for a long time after training, which reduces the intensity and frequency of classes.
  • Depression or irritability?
    The world has lost the brightness of colors. It is difficult to find motivation to perform ordinary tasks. Easily lose your temper, difficulties with self-control.